Training & Behaviour


'It's not rocket science...I just tell my dog what to do and they will do it...right?

Believe it or not that has been said to us and if it was that simple there would be no need for dog trainers!

Training should be fun and your instructions to your dog should be clear, they should never be set up to fail.

We are experienced with basic puppy training through to the odd issue an older dog may have. 

Dogs can have different motivators to help them learn and all our training is kind and reward based. Some people call it bribery but think about it...would you go to work for no reward?


We never recommend any harsh methods and never agree with punishment. If a dog is finding it hard to grasp a lesson it means the instruction isn't clear to that particular dog. They have different learning styles the same as we do, it takes patience to find the right way to train your dog. Our methods have been tried and tested successfully and not just by us. 

Our approach also aims to strengthen the relationship between you and your dog through developing your skills to give clear and consistent communication to your dog. 

Unwanted behaviour?


It is crucial to address the underlying cause of a behaviour problem rather than just how each dog expresses it (e.g. aggression, barking, and poor response to cues), otherwise on-going issues tend to occur.  

Accurate assessment of a dog’s behaviour is vital to create the correct programme without causing any more issues.

We will listen carefully to what you tell us and we will try to see for ourselves what the problem is. This may involve going out of the home if the dogs triggers are outside.

We will work with you and your dog to overcome any fears they may have and work towards a more confident and well behaved companion.


We work around your needs including evening and weekend appointments


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